Take Great Photos of Your Home

Photo Tips and Tricks

Even if you have already uploaded photos to your property listing, it is never too late to take great photos of your home and upload some more.

Use the camera on your smart phone, or any other camera you may have, and follow these tips to get some great photos of your home.

  1. Use a tripod to steady your phone and take balanced photos. It also allows you to get the right angle and then work within the frame to reposition items in the room to make a more attractive photo
  2. Take photos from lower angles to create an illusion of more space in the room and get a better floor to ceiling ratio creating more balance
  3. Do not try to take quirky or creative photos by taking photos at strange angles, abstract shots or black and white
  4. Create a welcoming atmosphere by getting the lighting right. Strong artificial light can appear harsh and unwelcoming.  Try take photos when the natural light is at its best in each room
  5. Highlight special features in your home such as an attractive fireplace or special flooring to set your house apart from the rest
  6. Take the exterior photos at sunrise or sunset to get the best lighting
  7. Be consistent with the orientation of your photos. Landscape format works best for houses
  8. When you upload your photos put them into an order that flows. Start with the most attractive photo of your property and move from there. This one needs to grab the attention of potential buyers.

Look at our interior and exterior tips on how to get your home ready for showing and take this into consideration before taking your photos. Stage your photos to bring out the best in your home and make it more attractive to buyers.