Social Media Tips

Get socially active

Social Media is a marketing platform that is used throughout the world. There are 3.725 billion active social media users and the average daily time spent on social is 142 minutes a day which is why we are giving you some Social Media Tips.

Market Home loves social media and the facts speak for themselves which is why we have put together some Social Media Tips. If you list your property on social media you are sure to generate some interest!

Here are some Social Media Tips to help you get started on your social media property marketing journey.

Always remember to direct people back to your Market Home site link so that they can view all the details of your property easily and contact you.


  1. Take great photos using our photo guide
  2. Start with the social media accounts that you are already signed up on, like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. These are the major players social media
  3. Keep your posts simple and to the point, but create interest. Long posts with a million images attached will make the person lose interest quickly
  4. Create a video tour of your home
  5. Set up a Facebook page for your property
  6. Create Facebook Ads – Post a picture of your home and link it to your Market Home listing
  7. Get your friends to share your posts and ask them to ask their friends to share and so on

The more effort you put in the quicker you are going to sell  your property.  Remember, Market Home is not a real estate agency, we are a property listing portal.