Interior Tips to Sell Your Home Privately

Tips to Get the Interior Ready to Show

Get Your Interior Ready to Sell by following our tips and suggestions put together by our team to help you.  Its important to make sure the inside of your home is presentable before you take your photo’s and before you show your home to potential buyers.

Market Home has prepared a to-do-list of key things to Get Your Interior Ready to Sell.  We highly recommend that you take the time to read through the list of tips and implement them in order to get the best response.


  1. Give the house a good spring clean before you show it, so it looks like there is less work to be done
  2. De-clutter! Pack away excessive ornaments and smaller pieces of furniture to make your home appear more spacious
  3. Tidy and de-clutter your kitchen cupboards and wipe them clean. Pack away utensils that are not -often used. The more space – the better.
  4. Pick up all the toys and anything that they can trip over off the floor
  5. Arrange your rooms neatly and stylishly
  6. A neutral colour scheme is more appealing than harsh, bright colours
  7. Paint walls with neutral colours to entice buyers
  8. Clean the walls and skirting boards and repaint where needed
  9. Check the plumbing throughout the house for any leaking pipes or taps
  10. If anything is broken or missing, replace or repair it i.e. washing basin plugs, cupboard keys and locks, loose door knobs…
  11. Repair any doors and windows that stick or squeak
  12. Treat and maintain any woodwork
  13. Replace broken or cracked windows
  14. Check that all the lights work and replace the bulbs where necessary
  15. Do not try to hide serious damage such a leaking roof, mold, damp on walls to avoid being held responsible for defects after the transfer

Do a walk through of your home in the eyes of a buyers and make any last fixes or decorating tweaks.  You should be ready to show the inside of your property of now!

Once the inside is done and ready to go you need to move to the outside or visa versa.  View our tips on how to get the exterior of your property ready.