Exterior Tips to Sell Your Home Privately

Exterior Tips to Get Your Property Ready to Show and Sell

The interior of the property might seem more important to focus your energy and budget on when getting your home read to sell, but you need to put the same effort in on the exterior by following our exterior tips.

The exterior is what people see first when they come to view your home and sets the first impression. Here are some exterior tips to help you get the exterior of your property ready to show.

  1. Make a good first impression and get the garden looking well-kept and maintained
  2. Mow the grass and trim the edges
  3. Rake all the leaves and pick up any pet droppings
  4. If there are any dead leaves on plants trim them off and tidy them up
  5. Pack away all toys and garden utensils
  6. Make sure the pathway to the front door is clear and easily accessible
  7. Do some maintenance on the shed and outdoor fixtures like the washing line
  8. Weed the paving
  9. Check the roof and gutters and repair if needed
  10. If there is any window putty that is cracked or chipped, repair and repaint it
  11. Treat all wooden frames and doors with varnish
  12. Clean the pool and make sure it is sparkling and blue
  13. Wash any walls that are dirty with pet paws etc.

Once you have done all of this do a walk around and double check for anything you missed. Maybe even ask a fresh pair of eyes to do it for you. The exterior should now be ready to show!

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